Starting Your Gold IRA today

One of the many ways through which you can diversify your investment portfolio in the future is through making reasonable investments. Investing in gold IRA has proven to be a very useful method in the planning for life after retirement. To create your IRA to use for gold purchase and withdrawal, you need to find two things which are your custodian and the company to choose IRA from. You must therefore assess the pros of IRA from different companies like insurance firms, brokerage firms, banks and government institutions.

Factors to consider before starting gold IRA account

As you already know diverse companies have different IRA offers which means investors should be careful over the one they purchase to use as instrument of trading in gold. Discussed here are some critical factors you must pay attention to when considering investing in gold IRA.

  1. Type of account

You must also be certain of the type of account that you are opening for your gold trades. Self-directed IRAs exist in two forms which are the traditional IRA option and Roth IRA option. After researching the two IRAs, you will notice that the discerning factor between them comes at the taxation factors. Roth IRAs demand that you pay taxes before any funds are contributed to the account whereas the traditional IRAs will have the investor paying taxes after they withdraw from their accounts later on.

  1. Contribution limits

Did you know that there are limits to the amount of money that you can invest in your gold IRA? The limits will vary depending on age which is why you must pay attention to details when setting up your IRA. For people that are under the age of 50, their limits are up to $6,000 annually. If you are however over 50 years of age, your contribution limit will be increased to $7,000

  1. Storage concerns

Precious gold IRA needs to be stored in the right facility in terms of the security of the same. All gold or silver bought through IRA should be stored with the right depository or bank as directed. You are not supposed to hold your gold personally which is also why you can find self-storage companies that meet the standards of IRA in terms of safety and reliability. You can only take your precious metal as distribution when you are eligible for the same, however this will end up accruing a 10% penalty for when first five years of the contract have not elapsed or the withdrawal made past 59.5 years of age.

  1. Fees

There are different types of fees that you should pay when dealing in gold IRA. The fees could range from annual payments of $250-$30 for the first year of gold IRA while every other year that follows will cost $150-$250. Among the different fees you will be handling from time to time include setup fee, storage fee and even management fee. You must know the fee before you choose to make your investment or which company to get gold IRA from.

Reasons you should invest in gold IRA

With a gold IRA account, you can easily invest in physical gold which means making long term investments like retirement plans. There are many people who consider investing in precious metals IRA as the best plan for a number of reasons that are highlighted in the discussion below.

Best way to protect retirement savings

Protection of retirement savings is definitely the main reason why people are considering stable retirement plans like gold IRA. Investing in physical gold allows you to enjoy the stability other investment do not enjoy like stability against different forms of volatility. You can therefore keep your savings in the IRA gold for long with only the storage fees to worry about.

Gold IRA is easy to set up and manage

One other reason why people today consider settling for IRA is the simplicity in the setting up and management of the account. It is especially so when you have a custodian and trustee for the account that you can trust. Once you get a reputable company to use for investing Gold IRA, it becomes easier to purchase and withdraw the gold you have invested in. The paperwork and storage are also handled for you by your custodian who needs to be someone that you can trust to do what is best for you. They are also supposed to help you understand more about the IRA account and what you can and cannot do, especially where taxes and fees are concerned.

Peace of mind against volatility in the market

It is obvious that market volatility is unavoidable at times but it all depends on the kind of investment that you have made. It comes down to avoiding risks like stock market crash and since gold is not susceptible to sudden market changes, its stability can be appreciated in terms of value over time. It is as such a reliable asset during economic shutdowns for long term plans.

No limit on amount to invest

Thanks to your gold IRA account, you are flexible to determining the amount of gold that you want to invest in. The best form of planning is starting with small investment as they grow to make larger investments over time. You can also setup gold IRA account for other people, for instance custodian account for your child to claim as they grow.


Investing in gold IRA is an ideal method of securing your future, especially against the hard and unpredictable economic times. Owning physical gold is not okay, especially when you cannot guarantee total safety for your gold. Gold IRA is insured and that can give you peace of mind besides helping you secure it for a long period of time against theft. Before investing in gold IRA account, take your time to comprehend all types of IRA accounts as explained to you by your custodian. The quality of IRA type and company you choose will play a crucial role in the success of your retirement plans and savings.

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